Breastfeeding…A Moment

Two days ago, I hit my 15th month of breastfeeding. As I sit back and think about this journey and knowing that it will one day come to an end, it saddens me. Although breastfeeding isn’t always a walk in the park, and some days I’m completely over being touched, my nipple being pulled in different directions or my toddler demanding “nin nin”, I’m truly going to miss my little nugget and I having that special connection that we share with no one else, except for each other.

I never understood the glorification that moms placed on breastfeeding, the health benefits, yes, but outside of that, no…not until I joined the tribe. The feeling is nothing short of amazing and I’m SUPER blessed to be able to continually experience it . The woman’s body is truly remarkable and should forever be respected and protected. We give and sustain life #PERIOD

Shoutout to my fellow BF moms, those who have ended their journeys and those who were unsuccessful in their attempt(s) to BF, You’re SEEN! ♥️ #breastfeeding

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